1 Day Kigali City Tour

1 Day Kigali City Tour in Rwanda

Kigali is a beautiful city that is often rushed through in favour of gorillas and other out of town attractions. The city is very safe, ever green, and very clean and more to offer than the visitor can expect. There if you have got a day to spare and you want to have a great view of life in Kigali book yourself into an amazing city tour and we shall show you how amazing the city is.

Visit the Kigali genocide memorial.

Visiting the genocide in Gisozi and learning about it is really a very important part of understanding Rwanda. The well organised museum and memorial is deeply moving and informative though it is often a quick stopover to Musanze for gorilla tracking, spend your afternoon here to really delve into the exhibits and the history.

After spending your morning hours at the genocide memorial centre, continue to Kimironko to experience the buzz and a vibrant scene that is in the market. Walk through the fruit and vegetable to bargain for some good fruits such mangoes before wondering through the stalls to find the rows gorgeous African fabrics.

Proceed with your tour to Kacyriu a neighbourhood to Kimironko that holds many of Kigali’s great craft Ivuka and Inema are the common and best places with Rwanda African crafts, enjoy through paintings or perhaps you may buy one and take it home.

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