1 Day Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Tour

1 Day Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Tour

The 1 Day Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Tour is one of the Uganda short tours that takes you on a chimpanzee feeding trip. Ngamba Island chimpanzee Sanctuary found in Lake Victoria is among the chimp places in Uganda open for tourists. The island is a home orphaned chimpanzees taken there from various chimp spots in Uganda. A day trip from Kampala or Entebbe to the island will help you observe the chimpanzees feeding and playing to the amazement of visitors who flock the place daily purposely to have glimpses of the playful primates. This single day tour may be done singly or as part of a longer Uganda safari package involving some national parks and other tourist destinations in the Pearl of Africa. 

 A Trip to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

This Ngamba island tour from Kampala starts in the morning at 7:30 am when guests depart for Entebbe, a starting point for a boat cruise to Ngamba Island, a chimp island. The chimpanzee journey takes about 50 minutes from Kampala to Entebbe and 45 minutes by water to the chimpanzee habitat. A boat to the island is a secure one where safety measures are put into maximum consideration. The modern boat is tent covered with life jackets provided to all passengers.

Seeing Ngamba Chimps Feeding

On arrival at the sanctuary, you will have a briefing and then start witnessing the morning chimpanzee feeding from the well visitors’ platform area along the end of the facility fence. Observing these primates correlate with one another and with their care takers is enormously fascinating. The sanctuary staff will explain to you the behaviors, conduct and biology of the chimps. You will be at liberty to ask question regarding all you need to know about chimpanzees, considered the closed relatives of human beings. Learning more about chimps by observation and explanation is one of the best ways to understand these primates clearly. Students and education researchers visit the sanctuary for learning purposes besides enjoying the tour for leisure.

What else to see on Ngamba Island besides Chimpanzees?

After seeing the chimps, visit the neighboring fishing village, enjoy birding around the island plus the beautiful nature as well as scenery viewing which all constitute a fascinating tour experience. Satisfied with the island attractions and captivation, take a voyage back to the main land in Entebbe.

Optional Visit to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) or Entebbe Zoo

Upon arriving back in Entebbe, you will take a tour of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) or popularly known as the Entebbe Zoo. At this tourism facility, you will have a chance to see numerous wild animals confined in different sections of the center. Entebbe Zoo is a demonstration for some of the animals that Uganda is endowed with in its 10 national parks and several wildlife reserves.

Among the animals to see at the Entebbe Zoo include lions, Cheetahs, African cape buffaloes, and Giraffes, White Rhinos, Leopard, serval cats, jackal, water bucks and the rare bush duiker. Other are warthogs, donkeys, impala, zebras, hyenas, spotted hyenas, chimpanzees at the zoo’s man-made island and baboons. By chance, you may come across the patas monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, De brazza monkeys among the primates. The African Elephant, Statunga, Eland, Long horned cow. Reptiles such as the African Rock Python, cobra, Gabon viper, crocodiles and tortoise are among the zoo’s appeals.

In bird family, expect to see species like the ostrich, the fastest bird on earth, crown crested crane, unique shoe bill, African fish eagle, owl, parrots and peacock. Pied king fishers are commonly spotted at the chimp exhibit as well as cattle birds. Other bird species on free range include the Egyptian goose, cattle egret, harmerkop, Pied king fisher, marabou stocks, cascade hornbills, eagles and bee eaters among the many.

Lunch during the Trip

Lunch is part of this trip’s prices and the time for its serving will depend on how fast or slow the lunch hours come depending on the day’s activities. Lunch may be enjoy at the island after the chimp tour or it may be extend to the main land in Entebbe after coming ashore from the boat. The hunger feeling or the stomach contentment of the visitors would determine when to have lunch during the tour. Guests may also decide to have their meals after the zoo tour or upon returning to their hotel. After the zoo tour or lunch in Entebbe, drive back to Kampala for relaxation at the hotel, marking the end of the one day chimpanzee trip to Ngamba Island.

About Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria is a Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT). The chimp project was established as a joint national and international initiative and a universally recognized collaborative conservation effort geared towards developing and implementing an enduring strategy for the conservation of chimpanzees and their habitation.  Ngamba is a home to over 40 orphaned chimpanzees which are an endangered species picked from forests. Twenty chimps out of the total number there currently were brought to the island as pioneer residents from when the sanctuary opened.

The 100 acre chimpanzee reserve was started in 1998 for the care and welfare of the deprived animals putting in mind the careful conservation of the island ecosystem. The sanctuary was established by the Born Free Foundation (UK), International Fund for Animal Welfare (USA), the Jane Goodall Institute (Germany and Uganda), The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre Trust (UWECT) and the Zoological Board of New South Wales (Australia) to create a protected home to the orphaned chimps whose return to their natural habitat is considered impossible. Another goal of the sanctuary was for educating the general public about chimps and the significance of safeguarding their delicate forest habitats. Out the 100 island acres, 98 acres are covered with forests and detached from the section of the tourists by an electrically powered fence.

Ngamba Island is among the Koome group of islands located 23 kilometres south of Entebbe. The Sanctuary goals include giving upkeep to captive chimpanzees and care to the confiscated chimpanzees that cannot be taken back to the wild. Other aims of the project including intervening in helping chimps in the wild when needed, educate Ugandans about chimpanzees and ecotourism plus capacity building through training and configuring viable national, regional and global partnerships on chimpanzee protection among others. At present, the major dangers to the existence of chimpanzees are illegal poaching for bush meat for eating and selling plus deforestation for farming. End of the Chimp tour

Included in the Chimpanzee Trip

– Road transfer from Kampala to Entebbe and back
– Boat cruise to and from Ngamba Island
– Lunch and Drinking water
– Entry Fees to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) or Entebbe zoo.
– All the activities as mentioned in the itinerary.