Baby Gorilla Born in Bitukura Group in Bwindi

Baby Gorilla Born in Bitukura Group in Bwindi National Park

A baby gorilla is born in Bwindi adding to the population the endangered primates. Bitukura group in the east of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has been blessed with a new baby gorilla, raising the population of Mountain gorillas in Uganda. Bitukura gorilla family which initially had 12 members has now increased by one individual totaling the group population to 13 individuals.

According to the information the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the new born came a few days ago and was identified by a group of rangers and guides who do routine supervision and monitoring of the park.

Bitukura gorilla family is one of the five gorilla groups found in Ruhija Sector of Bwindi forest. Other families in this section of Bwindi include Oruzogo group and Kyaguliro group which is also for research. Bwindi forest is divided into 4 gorilla trekking regions for easy management of all tourism activities. These regions include Buhoma sector in the north of the park, Ruhija sector in the eastern side plus Nkuringo sector and Rushaga region in the south of the park.

Mountain gorillas in Uganda are only found in Bwindi Impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. of the two gorilla parks, Bwindi forest has the biggest number of gorilla families totaling to 19 and Mgahinga only 1. Gorilla trekking is the major tourism activity done in the two gorilla destinations in Uganda. In the recent years, Uganda has seen an increased production of new born baby mountain gorillas mainly in Bwindi forest, thanks to the conservation efforts by the government, private sector as well as global bodies on conservation. Gorilla tourism has given a big boost to the survival and protection of mountain gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park. A reasonable portion of the income from gorilla  permits go conservation and as well as helping people who live near the park.


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