Bitukura Gorilla Family


Bitukura gorilla family is found in Ruhija sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Bitukura gorilla group gets the name from River Bitukura found in this area.  This family was first seen by the park officials around this river and they named the family that way after habituation. The habituation of this gorilla family started in July 2007 and ended in the month of October 2008 when the gorilla cluster was availed for trekking by visitors. Ruhija sector where Bitukura is found is one of the four gorilla trekking regions of Bwindi forest. Other are Buhoma region in the north plus Rushaga and Nkuringo sectors in the south of the park.

Bitukura family was easier to habituate since Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers and trackers used to encounter its gorilla during their activities with the Kyaguliro group. Since the Bitukura has already seen and got used to human beings, when time for its habituation came, it was simple to make them adopt to fast to human presence. Thus the process of its habituate lasted roughly for one year yet other groups in Bwindi took longer than such period.

The Bitukura gorillas are known to be peaceful and clam, a rare characteristic with other gorilla families that tend to have conflicts. Bitukura group and Kyaguriro family have a strong closer bond and it is said that these gorilla clusters tend to meet at least once a month in what may be termed as get-to-gathers. Bitukura Gorilla Family Members that you will meet during a Uganda gorilla trekking tour include:-

  • Ndahura the leading silverback
  • Karamuzi the 2nd silverback
  • Rukumu the 3rd silverback
  • Rukara the 4th silverback
  • Kamuga the adult female
  • Ruhara the adult female
  • Betina the adult female
  • Mugisha the black back
  • Obia the black back
  • Kabandize a juvenile – who transferred from Kyaguliro group
  • Twakire a juvenile
  • Mubwindi an infant
  • Kadogo an infant

To visit gorillas in Bwindi, you have to have to make a gorilla permit booking to enter the park on the trekking date. After securing a permit, start preparing for the gorilla safari. Preparation include understanding the gorilla tour rules, knowing what to carry on the gorilla trip plus reading the gorilla safari tips among others. Ruhija gorilla trekking and specifically those of Bitukura family can be trekked using various tour options. You may trek gorillas from Kigali, from Kampala/Entebbe or by flying to Bwindi forest. For accommodation facilities, Bwindi National Park is a tourist destination in Uganda with some of the best safari lodges that visitors always enjoy staying in. Ruhija lodges include Gorilla Safari Lodge, Bakiga Lodge, Gorilla Mist Camp, Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort Campsite, Broadbill Forest Camp and Gorilla Highlands among others.

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