Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions for Speedway Safaris

To all our dearest clients, here are booking terms and conditions of our service to cater for outstanding and relevant issues concerning your trip goodness and company interests and create a win-win environment.

Below are our Safari Booking Terms, Conditions and Guidelines:-

  1. When you confirm a trip with us, you are required to pay at least 30 – 45% of the tour’s total cost for low and high season respectively. This would also depend on the period to the trip.
  2. In case your tour is a few weeks or days away, you may be required to more than that.
  3. Upon confirming you trip with us and based on the nature of the tour, the company shall indicate to you when to pay the balance, either a few days to the trip or on arrival to start the safari.
  4. We take payment either through International Money Transfers (On a Company Bank Account) or by CREDIT CARD. You have the liberty to choose which is the most convenient to you.

Cancellations by a Client(s)

The Customer may cancel the reservation at any time as long as that the termination is communicated in writing to the Company. Cancellation liabilities will be applied as presented below and calculated from the time when a written notification to the Company is received.

80 – 100 days 10% off the Trip Cost
70 – 30 days 15% off the Trip Cost
29 – 10 days 30% off the Trip Cost
9 – 4 days 50% off the Trip Cost
2 days to the trip commencement 100% tour cost

NOTE: Despite these percentage deductions in case of cancellations, we always look at the circumstances, scenarios and conditions under which the trip was cancelled and we treat it accordingly.

  • There is no refund for any unused services, late arrival or absentee by any of the guests of the trip.
  • No refund for an unused ration of your trip once initiated.
  • Airline are 100% non-refundable

Gorilla Trekking Permits

  • For any item like Gorilla Permits and air tickets, they are 100% not refundable. Refund on gorilla permits, chimps permits or any form permit is possible only when they company resells them to a fellow tour operator or visitor and gets the money (This resell is not always guaranteed though possible).
  • Uganda and Rwanda Gorilla Permits are not refundable when booked as this is the policy of Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda Development Board (RDB) respectively. Or any authority/service provider in charge of a tour destination.

Vital Information

  • The safari charges are established on well-known rates and costs of exchange at the time of quotations, any changes outside our control will be instantaneously communicated to our customers.
  • The company retains the right to change or modify any arrangements owing to local conditions beyond our control.
  • We also have a right to refuse anyone from joining or continuing with tour if he/she is deemed troublesome to other visitor or to the environment.

Flexibility and Unused Services

You and we accept the fact that the nature of tours and travel necessitates flexibility and acknowledges that there may be a need for realistic adjustments to services, products or itineraries by a Tour Operator. The route, programs, schedules, journeys, accommodations, activities, circuits, amenities and forms of transportation are subject to change with or without notification due to unanticipated conditions or events beyond our jurisdiction. These include and not restricted to Force Majeure, strikes, bad weather, flight cancellations, political incidents, visa challenges or border difficulties. No recompenses will be dispensed for services missed or unused not on our fault.

For any missed trip or unused services beyond a client’s control, we shall as a company make a fair consideration of what is left or that is possible to be recovered in terms of paid for items and refund any amount accordingly.


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