Christmas Gorilla Family

Christmas Gorilla Family in Nkuringo Sector Bwindi

Christmas Gorilla Family is a gorilla family found in Nkuringo sector in the southern section of Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Christmas Gorilla family has 9 members out of whom 6 are commonly seen walking around. The gorilla group is headed by a dominant Silverback called Christmas, 1 black back, 1 baby plus three adult females. To visit this gorilla group, arrangements for booking an Nkuringo gorilla permit should be made.

Christmas group is among the latest family additions to Nkuringo area, a move that increased the number Gorilla permits for that region. To see gorillas in Nkuringo and particularly the Christmas Gorilla unit, a permit should be reserved at least 3 months in advance since Bwindi gorillas are becoming more competitive in the region.

The group is one of the 19 gorilla families found in Bwindi forest. The rest of the group are spread across the four gorilla trekking region of the park. These sectors of Bwindi include Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo region where this family is located. Nkuringo area accessible by road from Entebbe or Kampala by road. Another alternative may be by flying to Kisoro from Entebbe, and connect to the park by road. Also gorilla trip to Nkuringo area from Kigali are frequently done. For accommodation, visitors to Nkuringo can stay in Kisoro, Rushaga where there are many lodge and trek gorillas in Nkuringo. There are decent lodges in Nkuringo with nice food and comfortable facilities.

You need a gorilla permit to trek gorillas in Nkuringo region including those of this christmas family. A permit should be booked some good months in advance at least three months before the trekking dates. You can secure a permit through us since we work closely with the Uganda Wildlife Authority in reserving entry permits for guests to the parks.

Gorilla Families also found in Nkuringo Southern Sector include:-

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