Is Gorilla Trekking worth the money?

Is Gorilla Trekking worth the money?

Is Gorilla Trekking worth the money? The answer is yes, it is worth the cost, efforts and time. The worthiness of gorilla trekking is usually manifested by the past customers who positively review about the unforgettable experience they had during the safari as life-changing adventure commensurate with the tour prices. Despite the presumed high gorilla safari prices, trekking complexities and time, most tours for seeing gorillas in the wild are the most exciting wildlife experiences worth spending on.

We give you an assurance that close meeting with the endangered primates is an extraordinary experience that no visitor to Africa should missing doing. The enchanted feeling one gets on watching the silverback gorilla, the man-like characters of gorillas in wild plus their  social interactions make the gentle giants worthy trekking. Mountain gorillas inhabit the forests of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga national park. Seeing gorillas is an electrifying encounter that impress people to the extent that they are prompted to do it repeatedly despite the seemingly higher prices, much energy plus time committed to visiting them.

Gorilla Trekking Prices in Uganda

To visit and see gorillas in Uganda, one must book an air ticket, pay for a visa, and secure a gorilla permit that comes along with confirming a gorilla tour. A gorilla trip entails transport, accommodation plus activities (trekking and any other on the safari menu). In Uganda, a gorilla permit much more affordable than in Rwanda. Uganda permit is at USD 600 (700 starting with July 2020). In Rwanda, a similar permit goes for USD 1500, which mean, one permit in Rwanda is equivalent to two gorilla permits in Uganda with some cash balance after purchase. Comparatively, Uganda gorilla trekking appears more affordable than that of Rwanda and therefore worth the money.

Rwanda Gorilla Safari Costs

Visiting to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda in the Volcanoes National Park necessities one to part with USD 1500 for just a single permit. Your chosen tour operator will have to give an itinerary packages that caters for a gorilla permit, accommodation and transport. Obviously the total costs would be higher than in Uganda or Congo. In 2017, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) doubled the permit prices from USD 750 to 1500 for all travelers. Some of the money from the gorilla permits is usually used to support communities near the park and also enhance the gorilla conservation programs.

Gorilla Permits Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has the cheapest gorilla permits in the region. A Congo permit is only at USD 450. Despite the low prices for the permit, gorilla tourism in this vast country is minimal due conflicts especially in Eastern side that puts safety at stake. Some reported kidnaps and at times killing of park rangers in the Virunga national park, where gorillas in Congo live is a to tourist activities.

Is gorilla trekking worth all the efforts?

Yes trekking gorillas is worth thee effort because the moment you set your eyes on the silverback gorilla for instance, the distress and exhaustion you have encountered fade away and get replaced by joy and excitement. Gorilla trekking in Uganda is a vigorous exploration which involves hiking via the dense wilderness with thick and lubricious grounds. Uganda is among the best places to see gorillas in the wild. The rambling period can differ from 2 hours to over an 8 hours basing on the location of the endangered gentle giants. As you trek, be expecting wetness, disconsolate, mud-covered and dicey grounds, spikey greeneries and insects among other inconveniences. In case of gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, know that you will be climbing high elevation areas that can be truly tiresome. Though, on reaching the gorillas, the complexities gone through will become non-issues as you enjoy the once in a lifetime dreamlike familiarity that is worth all the Monterey and energy commitments to the trip.

Time to spent with Mountain Gorillas

Visitors to the gorillas spend 60 minutes with the mountain gorillas of a given group and this duration starts from the time guests reach gentle giants. Tourists are always advised to fully take use of this one hour by observing critically the conduct of gorillas, take photos, shoot videos and enjoy the gorillas’ company in their natural habitations. In case you feel that an hour is such a little time to be with gorillas, it is good to book a gorilla habituation experience permit for USD 1500. The gorilla habituation experience arrangement allows to be with the endangered species for 4 full hours. Gorilla habituation experience is only offered with two gorilla families in the southern sector of Rushaga in Bwindi forest.

How many people trek a gorilla family?

Only 8 people every day are permitted to visit a gorilla family. Gorilla trekking group allocation is determined by physical abilities, age and hiking capabilities of a tourist. It is always advisable to reveal your particular preferences to your guide or park management at the briefing time so that they could determine the most suitable gorilla family for you to trek. In a nutshell, the surging number of people who book gorilla permits in Uganda and Rwanda in need of seeing gorillas is a confirmation that indeed gorilla trekking and all its related expenses is worthy an adventure to consider for a vacation.

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