Kyaguliro Gorilla Family

Kyaguliro Gorilla Family in Ruhija Sector of Bwindi Forest

Kyaguliro gorilla family is a group in Ruhija sector dedicated to mainly research. The mountain gorilla group was habituated in 1999 as a group dedicated to research. Lots of things have been learnt about this mountain gorillas in Uganda. The gorilla research group is aimed learning more about the endangered primates, their traits, characters, biology, reproduction and behaviors among. Research looks at the entire biology and sociology of mountain gorillas.

Kyaguliro Gorilla Family

Kyaguliro group Research is by Manx Planc Institute (MPI) for Evolutionary Anthropology. The institute research mainly focuses of on the family’s behavioral ecology by conducting daily monitoring and supervisory tours to the group. At first, it was assumed that mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest are same as those of the Virunga massif, however some differences have been confirmed. For instance, the black backs in the Virungas grow into silverbacks so faster than those of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. At the time of the family’s habituation and the subsequent years, the group was the good headship of the elderly silverback, one Zeus. The name Zeus was derived from the Greek god, Zeus who was considered Lord and Master of the family members. Zeus’ dominance at the leadership came to an end when he was attached by a rival silverback and ran into exile where he died from.

Kyaguliro gorilla family previous known as Rukara group is led by the dominant Silverback Rukara. The habituation Kyaguliro started in 1995 and ended in 1999. In 2015 Rukina suddenly died as a result of an electric shock from lightening. Following his demise, the family remained under the leadership of an inexperienced Mukiza, a young silverback who was later attacked by an immigrant grown up Silverback, Rukara from the Bitukura family, an incident that led to the splitting of the group into two units.  Rukara/Kyaguliro group and Mukiza family were confirmed in May 2016. Kyaguliro is known for using much its time inside the forest and it’s uncommon that the group comes closer to the edges of the jungle. The family is composed of 8 members including 1 Silverbacks, 1 black back, 1 adult female, 4 sub adults and an infant.


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