Kyambura Gorge

Kyambura Gorge, a Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Queen Elizabeth National Park

The spectacular Kyambura alternatively known as the “Valley of Apes” is situated in the far eastern corner of Queen Elizabeth National Park in south western Uganda. Roughly 1 km across – at its broadest point and nearly 100 meters deep, this valley is essentially watered by River Kyambura. The gorge scenery is one the most exciting places in Uganda and it is hovered by a rich wildlife biodiversity that encompasses primates, wild animals and birds.

Kyambura Gorge is a part of the magnificent Queen Elizabeth National Park, the largest park in western Uganda and second biggest in the country after Murchison Falls National Park. A number of tourists on Uganda safaris that go to tour Queen Elizabeth National park are given a trip this astounding gorge as an additional activity.

Though, depending the findings of researchers in this forest, there are only sixteen chimpanzees living in this very striking basin.

Visit this startling Gorge and you will be impressed by the luxuriant, rich Tropical forest right nearby to the Equator intersection.  The canyon is another world on its own. Whereas the Savannah overhead has got a practical aggregate of light, plus sunlight that offers vividness. The tree shelter within this under-ground woodland consists of of rich blocks of plant life that locked out most of the sun rays and except you are standing within a dell, you undoubtedly will not need shades or sun- hats as you may essentially need to have a perfect view so as not to miss out on the abundant variety of Wonders within Kyambura Gorge.

Top Uganda Safari Tourist Attractions within Kyambura Gorge

Some of the Chimpanzees found in this gorge have been habituated for human trekking, a process that lasted nearly to 2 years. It therefore means that these chimps are familiar with human presence and can do their daily activities in the sight of human beings without fear into hiding and striking.

Guided Nature Walks and Forest Walks

Visitors on nature walk can spot Black and white colobus monkeys, giant forest hogs as well as the red-tailed monkeys as some of the wildlife in the valley.

Access to Kyambura Gorge

When moving from Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda through Mbarara City, the park where Kyambura Gorge is found is about 420 kilometres. Whereas traveling from Kampala via Fort Portal, this attractions about 410 Kilometres. You can also use available Charter flights Entebbe International Airport to Mweya which is about an hours’ flight to getting there. By road from Kampala, the same journey take nearly six hours but offers great sights and sounds along.

Accommodation around Kyambura Gorge

All safari lodges within and on the fringes of Queen Elizabeth National park are potential accommodation facilities to use when visiting to explore this remotely extraordinary gorge. Accommodations differ between the high-class facilities, mid-range and the budget lodges. Among the most noticeable include Jacana Safari Lodge, Katara lodge, Kingfisher Camp, Enganzi Lodge and Kyambura Gorge Safari Lodge among others.

Kyambura Wildlife

The Kyambura Game Reserve another name for Kyambura Gorge, is a section of the well visited attraction in Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) located in south western Uganda. The wildlife reserve is habitation to a multiplicity of wildlife, among which are the only chimps found within Queen Elizabeth National Park. The ravine is a vibrant source of water to pretty a number of wild animals in the park and is exclusively bounded by savanna, but is largely recognized for its huge number of primates existing in the valley. 

Kyambura Gorge Wildlife

Kyambura gorge is essentially the only area in Queen Elizabeth National Park where tourists can have sightings of habituated chimpanzees while on one the chimpanzee trekking tours in Uganda. Reservations for Kyambura Chimpanzee tracking are done at Mweya Visitor Information Centre within the spectacular Queen Elizabeth National Park or with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) reservation office in Kampala. The UWA Mweya office also offers information on game drives and at the same time sells postcards and tourism maps.  The Chimpanzee habituation process in Kyambura lasted 2 years. The habituation of chimps means making chimpanzees get acquainted with humans as they carry on with their day to day wild activities in the presence of people.

Kyambura is also a home to a diversity of bird species like the African Fin foot, the blue-headed bee-eater and the different falcons. Big game including the gigantic forest hogs are usually spotted from time to time within this zone.

There are also 3 salty crater lakes where large numbers of good-looking flamingos not seen elsewhere in the whole of Uganda are attracted to these water bodies.

Kyambura gorge’s vertical slopes formed by the disorganized waters of the deafening Kyambura River are shielded by a green riverine forest. This forest is habitat to a diversity of primates including the renowned chimpanzees, the black and white Colobus monkeys, olive baboons plus the red-tailed monkeys among the many primate species found there. Furthermore, this emerald riverine forest is a shelter to a number of forest birds. Among these birds are the Black-rumped Buttonquail, Martial Eagle, Bar-tailed Godwit, Shoebill, Pink backed Pelican, African Skimmer, Lesser plus Greater Flamingo, White-tailed Lark, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Corncrake, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Papyrus Canary, African Broadbill, White-winged Warbler, Papyrus Gonolek and the Black Bee-eater that regularly spotted in the area.

Kyambura gorge is best be traversed on foot to have the finest wild experience. Nature walks in the gorge are guided some of the knowledgeable and well trained tour guides who uncover to guests the natural splendor of the canyon as well as the plant and animal life within the gorge deepness. On the tour of the gorge, you will truly have a handy experience of the outstanding wildlife inside this expanse as you undertake an electrifying chimpanzee trekking familiarity. Good enough, there are a number of nature walk tracks within the gorge that are well maintained and therefore, your fitness potential will enable you enjoy the well-arranged walks and you will not miss this abundant wildlife here. Take on a safari from Kampala, a chimpanzee tracking in Kyambura may not be done alone but with other activities around the park including game drives, Kazinga boat cruise, visiting the crater lakes, Ishasha sector tree climbing lion experience and many more things to do in the park.