Nkuringo Gorilla Group

Nkuringo Gorilla Group – Nkuringo Gorilla Family Bwindi

Nkuringo Gorilla Group is a gorilla family located in Nkuringo region, the southern sector of Bwindi forest. Nkuringo family was launched for gorilla trekking safaris in 2004. The term Nkuringo is a Rukiga word for a “round hill”. It is at Nkuringo Hill that the family was first seen in 1997 and availed for habituation. The hill can be distinguished by the round crest that features. 

In the earlier months of the habituation process, trackers observed that the group was under the administration of an aged silverback whom they named Nkuringo. But Nkuringo’s son one Safari, the heir in waiting had seemingly taken over most of the responsibilities of leadership responsibilities from his father. The aged Nkuringo died on 27th April, 2008 leaving behind Safari and Rafiki, the only two silverback in the group. This scenario was expected to yield leadership conflicts anytime. The family is now under the leadership of a Silverback Rafiki who was a black back at the time Nkuringo’s headship.

Nkuringo Gorilla Group is among the oldest families to be habituated in the southern region of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The group began with 17 members but afterwards fell to 12 individuals. After some time had passed, a change in the family numbers was realized.

The family members include Rafiki, Bahati and Kirungi all Silverbacks. Karibu, Posho and Christmas are black backs. Kwitonda and Mama Christmas are adult females, Kwesima and Magara are the male juveniles whereas Kuhirwa is a female juvenile. Rwamutwe, Tabu, Furaha, Muhozi and Kiiza are the infants in the group. Nkuringo group is the only family with 4 silverbacks headed by the second youngest silverback. Nkuringo is advantageously positioned in the park with a superb outlook characterized early morning Sun rise with Mist. The plant life in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest offer a finest adventure experience in the region

Gorilla Families in Nkuringo region of Bwindi National Park

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