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If you are planning to do a gorilla tour, you have got to book Rwanda gorilla trekking permit. The permit should be secured in advance to be 100% sure of gorilla trekking on your chosen date. Rwanda sells over 50 gorilla permits every day to tourists who visit Volcanoes National Park (Parc National Des Volcanoes). This park is where mountain gorillas in Rwanda are found. A gorilla permit is at USD 1500 per person.

Gorilla trekking permit
A sample of Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permit 

In Rwanda, Gorilla permits  are on high demand and very competitive. Permits are sold on the basis of first come first serve. They should therefore be booked with a payment of an initial deposit . It is advisable to book your trekking permit in advance through us to avoid frustrations.

gorilla trekking RwandaTo trek gorillas in Rwanda, you must have the day’s gorilla permit. This needs to be arranged and paid for in advance, preferably at least 3-6  months for the high seasons. High season runs from June-September and December-February. Or at least 1-2 months in advance for the low season months running from October-November and March-May.

In Rwanda Gorilla Permits are only bought from Rwandan Office for Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN). This is done through a tour operator. Thus, contact us for the up-to-date availability status, including last-minute gorilla tour bookings.

Availability of gorilla permits for a certain date is not assured. Competition is high for the gorilla permits, which makes it complex to get one. Any lateness in a gorilla trip confirmation or payment could make you unable to acquire a permit on your favored tracking date.

Upon booking and sending money for the gorilla permits, the date becomes unchangeable. Altering a gorilla trekking date means a cancellation fee of USD 100 for each gorilla permit charged. This money is charged by the Rwandan Office for Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN). Not by a tour operator through whom you are booking your tour.

Booking a Rwanda Gorilla trekking permit, Guidelines:-

  1. Contact us through We shall give you a trip quote for a gorilla tracking trip.
  2. Let us know your planned safari dates you wish to tour Rwanda. And also be specific on the days you want see the gorillas.
  3. We shall reply you with a detailed gorilla tour itinerary including prices
  4. You will look into the itinerary and decide if it suits your safari preferences.
  5. Upon agreeing on all the aspects of the trip, we offer you the means of payments. We do this once we agree on the prices, dates, accommodations and all the activities. The payment modes are either the bank account details or an online credit card payment system.
  6. Once the money is received, we send you a confirmation of receipt of the funds. It is done either by an email, receipt or a gorilla permit scanned copy.
  7. We don’t charge any person for buying or booking gorilla trekking permits. This is so especially if one is booking the rest of the gorilla tour with us.
  8. Upon paying for a gorilla permit, send us your passport details. The details are need by the reservation office of Rwanda to issue you a gorilla permit. Or you may plainly send full names, the passport number and your nationality or country of origin.
  1. Once payment is received, the gorilla permits for gorilla trekking are paid for.
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