Rwanda Travel Guide

Rwanda Travel Guide: Vital Information on Traveling to Rwanda

Getting there:

Rwanda is a comparatively well-established east African country which can be easily accessed from all over parts of the world. The country is relatively simple and safe to travel around. Rwanda is bordered by countries that are to say Uganda in the north, Burundi in the south, Kenya and Tanzania in the east and democratic republic of Congo in the west. Being landlocked country, Rwanda has been able to establish a cooperate relationship with many countries in order to have direct flights to Kigali international airport, as we talk now Rwanda has got direct flights to most of international airports in Africa, there is direct flights from Kigali to Entebbe(Uganda), Nairobi (Kenya), Bujumbura (Burundi)and Johannesburg (South Africa). Rwanda in corporation with SAA and SA alliance Air, Rwanda airways also flies from Kigali to the USA via Johannesburg (South Africa) and also to London via Entebbe in Uganda. Rwanda has also got other international flights that arrives directly at kanombe airport just 10km from Kigali and these include Kenya Airways (Nairobi),Ethiopia airlines(Addis Ababa), Sabena (Brussels),air Tanzania( Dar es salaam), Air Burundi (Bujumbura) and the airport fee of us$20 is paid upon departure.

Passport and visas:

The Rwandan legal passport is allotted only to the citizens of Rwanda for their international travel. Submit your applications for the passport to the director-general of immigration and emigration in Rwanda or to Rwandan diplomatic mission abroad if at all you need one.

It is a prerequisite to all visitors that come to Rwanda to have their visas apart from nationals with Rwanda embassy such as  USA,Canada,Germany,Uganda,Tanzania,Kenya,Burundi that can obtain their visas at us$35 depending on the place where they are given out. All other nationals without Rwanda embassy can acquire their visas on coming by earlier preparation with their hosts.


The country of Rwanda needs a proof requirement of yellow fever vaccination if you are travelling to is advisable to get travel vaccines and medicines because there is a risk of some diseases in the country you may be travelling to. So make sure that you are up to date on routine vaccines before the trip and ensure that you have bottled mineral water with you and this can be bought in all towns.


The authorized tender consumed in Rwanda is Rwandan franc(RFR).The Rwandan franc was partitioned into  a hundred centimes therefore bank notes and coins are all used as legal tender in the country. All visitors that travel to Rwanda should make use of forex bureaus available in the town to exchange your money.

Best time to visit Rwanda.

Rwanda can be visited throught the whole year depending on what the visitor is interested in. Rwanda’s long rainy season starts from March to May, and there is along dry season between June to mid-September and this is the best time one should visit Rwanda. Between Octobers to November there is a short rainy season and dry season between Decembers to February. So far these are the best times one would enjoy activities such as gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, forest walks and many others.

What to bring.

The requirements one should bring as your coming to Rwanda also depends on what an individual is going to do, where one is going stay and many others. Such amazing activities that include game drivers, gorilla tracking, primates tracking, do not forget to carry binoculars, cameras, waterproof jackets and shoes, enough drinking water and other few essential that can be bought from town.


Power has been supplied to most parts of Rwanda mostly to those areas that are highly visited, most hotels and lodges have power available and standby generators plus solar. To some few places in Rwanda traditional means are being used like the camp fires to have light available. 230/240 volts at 50HZ.


Kinyarwanda is the original language used by all Rwandans in additional to French and English. French is the official language that is spoken countrywide but most of the tourist centers and in the capital city and other towns, people can Speke English.


Highly standardized International business hotels are available in Kigali town, Gisenyi and other tourism centers. Other affordable mid-range and budget that are reasonably priced can easily found in most parts of Rwanda mainly in the tourism centers.


Virtuous western food with a obvious Belgian inspiration is aided in

Tourist-oriented restaurants and hotels in all tourist centers. Rwandan traditional food preferences include goat kebabs, grilled tilapia (a lake fish), ugali (a stiff maize Porridge), matooke (cooked banana) and potatoes.

Banking and business hours:

The opening hour to most of the banks, shops and offices is at 8am and close at 5pm during weekdays. Lunch break start at around mid-day and ends at 2pm.banks on Saturday are open from 2pm to noon.





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