Uganda – The Habitat to Mountain Gorillas

Uganda is a country found in East Africa. Widely known as the Pearl of Africa is a home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas. Gorillas in Uganda live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in South Western Uganda. To trek gorillas in Uganda, a gorilla permit is the key for allowing someone into the parks. Mountain gorillas are organized into gorilla families found in the four different sectors of Bwindi. Mgahinga has only one gorilla trekking group called the Nyakagezi Family.

Away from mountain gorillas, Uganda is massively gifted by nature. The country has got nature forests, rivers, lakes, water falls, mountains as well as rocks. The country is endowed with 10 national parks as well as wildlife reserves. All these attractions combined facilitate tourism in the country.

National Parks in Uganda – Home to Big Five Animals 

Uganda is also a home to African big five animals found in its national parks. The big five mammals include lions, elephants, buffaloes, Leopard and the Rhinos. The parks where tourists go for the big five safaris include Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley and Lake Mburo National Park. Apart from the rhinos which are only found at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a 7000 hectare reserve, the rest of the animals are live in the national parks.

Other national parks include Rwenzori Mountains and Mount Elgon National park. These are the destinations where visitors for trekking adventures. Kibale National Park is the biggest habitat to the chimpanzees, primates that are considered 98% biologically similar to humans.

In case you are looking for the best safaris and tours in Africa, consider the Pearl of Africa as your next holiday destination. Wildlife Safaris, Adventure tours, geographical tours, recreational outdoor activities as well as cultural and historical tours are what the country offer. Among the wildlife safaris are gorilla trekking tours, chimpanzee safaris, birding tours, game drive safaris, water cruises, golden monkey trekking and many more.






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