Musanze Caves

In 2013, The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in collaboration with the Rwanda Defence Forces unveiled Musanze Caves for tourist activities.

The Musanze caves were modified in such way that there are tourist walkways and trails, stairs and other safety measures for tourists. The dark intereiro of the caves illustrates a picture of a house with several rooms and corridors. The floor is paved and there are some stairs to ease movement.

The Caves, believed to be a result of volcanic eruption many years ago offer an in-depth understanding of the geological and geographical historical development of the globe.  The caves are found in the volcanic region of Rwanda where different lava flow layers dating from 65million years ago have created the Albertine Rift Valley. The launched Caves are two kilometers long underneath.

Musanze caves boasts of a plenty of adventure to be experienced in the area including the Buhanga Eco-park known for coronation of Rwandan former kings, the panoramic view of the twin lakes namely Burera and Ruhondo, Karisimbi Volcano climbing, Bisoke Volcano climbing, trek to Dian Fossey grave, golden monkeys trekking and the famous mountain gorillas trekking.