Rwanda Gorilla Trekking

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours at Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla safaris UgandaRwanda gorilla trekking is the major exciting tourism activity in the tiny East African country. Rwanda is naturally blessed to have rare and much loved endangered Mountain Gorillas. Gorilla trekking is an out-door activity where visitors are permitted to see mountain gorillas in the wild for one hour after purchasing a gorilla permit that acts as an entry pass to the park. As a visitor to the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’, one should not miss out on the outstanding chance to visit the Volcanoes National Park (PNV) consisting of 125 square kilometres of mountain forest and home to the six Virunga Volcanoes and the world celebrated mountain gorillas. Protected within the PNV, the lushly woody slopes of the mountains form a suitably spectacular natural setting for what is undoubtedly the most touching and unforgettable wildlife experience in the world, Gorilla Trekking. Like in Uganda, Gorillas in Rwanda are also organised into families or groups under which guests are able to see them. There are currently 10 gorilla families in Rwanda that are habituated for human trekking. Each gorilla group is limited to 8 tourists per day.

The electrifying ascend to the gorilla’s natural habitation of sheltered bamboo forest offers an  unbelievable views in all directions, before the trackers are immersed in the mystifying familiarity of the rain forest, alive with the calls of colorful birds and the babbling of rare golden monkeys. Not anything can prepare one for the impact of stumbling upon a fully-grown silverback gorilla, up to three times the size of a middling man, yet outstandingly harmonious and forbearing of human visitors.

Access to Volcanoes National Park

Access to Volcanoes National Park begins in the lively town of Musanze, situated 12 km from Kinigi, the base of the entrance of the park. Musanze is a 90-minute drive from Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. Intending to make a gorilla visit, it’s wise to sleep in Musanze town or Kinigi to be able to connect to the park boundaries at Kinigi for Gorilla Trekking briefing from where you will continue your trip in the wild for a wonderful gorilla search in the wild.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking briefing is done at the RDB Tourism and Conservation offices situated at the prefecture offices in Kinigi at 7:00 AM. RDB Tourism & Conservation currently has English and French speaking trained guides as well as a team of 80 trained gorilla trackers many of whom speak French or English plus local and regional languages. Book your Mountain Gorilla Trekking Permit through our office and you will be contented that you will visit gorillas in Rwanda as scheduled.

Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Guidelines

To reduce on the likely spread of human diseases, visitors are asked to keep up a distance of 7 metres (about 22 feet) from the gorillas. If you are unwell with a cold, flu or other communicable illness, please do not visit the gorillas.

–          Time for viewing gorillas is limited to one hour.

–          Maximum 8 visitors per gorilla family per day.

–          Spitting in the park is severely banned.

–          Should you need to cough, cover your mouth and turn away from the gorillas.

–          When you are with the gorillas, keep your voice low.

–          Try not to make rapid movements that may scare or worry the gorillas.

–          If a gorilla should charge or vocalize at you, do not be alarmed, stand still, look away from the gorilla and follow your guide’s directions.

–          Do not litter.

To enhance your enjoyment:

The security of our visitors is our uppermost main concern. There is no need for concern about personal security.

The climate in Musanze is unpredictable and you can generally expect both sun and rainfall during the day.

Musanze, at the altitude of 1,700 m, is generally moderately cold, predominantly in the evening, so warm clothing is advised.

Suggested clothing is long trousers and shirts when in the forest to avoid nettle stings.

Strong walking shoes or hiking boots are essential. You may find rain gear useful.

Bring a water bottle and a small snack although eating, drinking and smoking near the gorillas is forbidden.

Photographs are permitted, although you may not use flash.

Porters are available to help you carry your day-pack for a small charge.

Mountain gorillas live at high altitude and this may cause difficulties for some visitors. You should walk slowly and drink plenty of water. No one should feel deterred from making this trip.

Visiting Gorillas in Rwanda at Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking at the Volcanoes National Park is the major tourism activity done at this park. Book a Rwanda gorilla permit and be able to access the park for a life time gorilla safari adventure in the wild. Gorilla Trekking is the major activity and attracts thousands of visitors to the country throughout the year. It is always advisable to secure a permit some months in before the trekking dates for proper trip planning. We are always available to make all the necessary arrangements for buying a permit plus organizing the entire tour. About 80 Rwanda gorilla permits are available each day for visitors. Revenues from gorilla tourism are partly used by the government in the conservation efforts of the mountain gorillas plus helping communities around the park.

At Gorilla Trekking Services, we help you book a permit for your preferred travel dates. Gorilla safaris in Rwanda offer you a memorable adventure experience in Africa. With our years of experience in organizing gorilla safaris, we offer unmatched services that give a feel of pleasure attained from visiting the rare endangered primates. We opportunely wait to have you on the best gorilla tours during your African holiday trip. Choose from any of the following gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.

How much does it cost to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda?

The cost for gorilla trekking in Rwanda varies depending on the number of days a visitor is committing to the trip plus the number of guests in a single trip. It is possible to do a one-day gorilla tour at Volcanoes National Park from around USD 1,700 per person in case its a bigger group. A 2 day gorilla safari will start from USD 1,950 and a 3 day luxury gorilla trip may cost between USD 2,000 to 4,000 per person depending on the accommodation used for stay in. The price for a Rwanda gorilla safari package would include a gorilla permit, road transport, a tour driver guide, other activities if any plus lodging and meals among others.

How difficult is gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

Gorilla trekking involves walking through steep terrain, thick vegetation, watery areas, hills, valleys and thickets. This tour activity may be very challenging and tedious making one exhausted especially to those who not physically fit and not used to hiking for longer hours. But not all gorilla groups in Rwanda are the same in terms of challenges to reach them.  Gorilla families like Agashya, Kwitonda, Hirwa and Sabyinyo are known to be less challenging for most tourists. Trekking to visit gorilla group in Rwanda usually takes visitors between 2-5 hours of hiking basing on the location of the gorillas on that day. Gorillas are not static, they are known to move within a certain distance range with their group location.

Rwanda Gorilla Tours

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

A 3 day Rwanda gorilla safari tour encompasses gorilla tracking and Golden Monkey Trekking at Volcanoes National Park, a visit to the Dian Fossey grave-site and ends with a Kigali City Tour.

2 day Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

With this gorilla trip, you will only do a city tour visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial and other places. You will then transfer to the Volcanoes National Park where you will do a gorilla trek on second day and transfer back to he city.

1 Day Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

This time-saving safari from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park enables guests to arrive at the park in time, get briefing and then trek into the wild to see going before returning to Kigali in the evening.

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari Tours

Do a Kigali City tour, gorilla trekking at Volcanoes, followed by a hiking to the Dian Fossey’s grave-site at Karisoke Research Center and end with a Golden Monkey tracking encounter before returning to Kigali.