Partners, Affiliations and Associations

Tourism Partners, Affiliations and Associations by Gorilla Trekking Services

We have tourism partners and we belong to associations where we observe professionalism. Gorilla Trekking Services is an ardent advocate of environmental conservation, protection, animal rights and professionalism. We have membership in several establishments that promote tourism activities in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Africa at large. We work closely with the following organizations and is accountable to their tourism standards:-

Association of Uganda Tour Operators(AUTO)

Plot No 846/940, Bukasa Road, Muyenga
P.O Box 73371, Kampala, Uganda

 +256 702 542 599

 +256 702 542 599


The Association of Uganda Tour Operators is an umbrella body that bring all reputable and professional Uganda Tour Operators together for a common cause of promoting Uganda’s tourism by observing internationally acceptable standards. Gorilla Trekking Services is fully accountable to AUTO rules and regulations aimed at proper service delivery.

The Implication of our AUTO membership to Customers:

Gorilla Trekking Services membership to a country’s tour operators’ uniting body means we were certified, assessed and approved to carry out tourism service delivery. We were given rules to follow and our services to you are guided by those rules. This means that once you book a Uganda safari with us, we handle you in the best manner since we have a body where we are liable to the set standards.

Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)

Gorilla Trekking Services is licensed by the Uganda tourism Board, a government body responsible for regulating and promoting tourism activities in Uganda through local and global marketing.

Lugogo House,
Plot 42 Lugogo Bypass
P.O. Box 7211 Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 (0) 414 342 196/7 | Fax: +256 (0) 414 342 188

What our UTB License and Membership mean?

As a registered tour operator, we are approved by the Uganda Government and bound by t the laws that govern tourism in the country. We are responsible for holding sound and reputable standards as we operate as a travel agency. UTB closely monitors and supervises us to ensure we are up to the regulated standards.  We have a license that act an endorsement by the Government of Uganda to serve customers from all corners of the world. Operating under the proper guidance of rules and standard mean excellent services to customers.