3 Days Nyungwe Chimpanzee Trekking

This 3 days Rwanda primates’ safari starts and ends in Kigali. Nyungwe National Park found is southern Rwanda boasts of a hefty concentration of primates in Rwanda including chimpanzees and several monkey species.

Nyungwe Forest has over 13 primate species like chimpanzees and large groups of Rwenzori colobus. The forest hast approximately 500 individual chimps.

Distinguished and notable at Nyungwe forest primates is the Ruwenzori colobus Monkeys, a type of the more prevalent Angola colobus which is circumscribed to the Albertine Rift.

The Ruwenzori colobus is highly arboreal (locomotion of animals in trees) and acrobatic leaf-eater, effortlessly outstanding from any other primate found in Nyungwe by its distinct black over all colour and snow-white whiskers, shoulders and tail tip. Though all colobus monkeys are very friendly, the ones in Nyungwe are exceptional in so far as they characteristically travel in troops of several dozens. A semi-habituated troop of 400, resident in the forest around the campsite, is believed to be the largest troop of arboreal primates anywhere in Africa and elsewhere in the world, only the Chinese golden monkey moves in groups of an equivalent number. Other monkeys in Nyungwe are guenons, the collective name for the biologically confusing cercopithecus specie.

Many other types of monkeys in Nyungwe National Park include the L’Hoest’s monkeys, Silver monkeys, golden monkeys; Owl faced monkeys, red tailed monkeys, Dent’s Mona monkeys, crowned monkeys, Vervet monkeys, and Olive baboon which are a savanna monkeys that are sometimes seen along the road through Nyungwe Forest. The Grey-cheeked mangabey is a locomotive monkey of the forest inland.

Nyungwe forest also boasts of a wealthy bird life of nearly 300 bird species, orchids and butterflies among other attractions. Nyungwe Forest’s biological diversity is by African standards amazing and is one of the most widespread species on the African continent.

Nyungwe Forest Trip Highlight

Day 01: Arrive in Kigali, transfer to Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Day 02: Tracking of Chimps, Colubus Monkeys plus several of primates in the forest.

Day 03: Canopy Walk and drive back to Kigali City, and then take a departure flight.

End of the trip