Rwanda Travel and Tourist Visa

Rwanda Visa: Qualifications, Requirements, Exemption and Application 

All Foreign Nationals who wish to acquire a Rwanda Tourist Visa are advised to hand in their submissions/requests to respective Diplomatic Missions of Rwanda in their Countries of residence for proper processing.

In scenarios where Rwanda doesn’t have a Diplomatic Mission or a consulate office, foreign nationals applying for visas can request for a visa acceptance letter online. This would then be presented on arrival in Rwanda in order to get a visa upon paying a fee of USD 30.

In in the interest of bilateral agreements, citizens of the Countries mentioned down may come to Rwanda minus a visa and stay for a duration of up to 90 days or three months. These countries include Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, Philippines and Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo).

On the other hand, citizens from East Africa Partner countries shall be dispensed with a 6-month renewable visitor pass upon arrival with no charges involved.

Citizens of United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Sweden and the Republic of South Africa will be allotted with entry visa valid for duration of up to 30 days. You pay USD $30 for a visa on arrival without necessarily making a prior application.

Points to Note:

– The visitor’s visa must not be used for work purpose.

– Nationals from all countries on the African continent going to or moving via Rwanda get entry visa upon entrance without making earlier request. One pays a for visa at USD $30 where pertinent.

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