Ruhija Sector Bwindi

Ruhija Sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Ruhija Sector found in the eastern side of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is among the four gorilla trekking regions of the park. Ruhija gorilla trekking is one of the most preferred gorilla tour options because of ease of access. Bwindi gorilla trekking is done in four regions that make up the vast impenetrable forest. The 4 gorilla sectors include Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo with each having its own strength. Ruhija Sector is worth exploring as one of the best destinations for your Uganda gorilla safari.

Ruhija Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Forest

In Ruhija, mountain gorillas are a vital attraction for all tourists who visit the various gorilla Families in this region. Ruhija Gorilla Trekking is among the most doable adventures in the whole of Bwindi forest. Visiting gorillas in this area takes place with any of the four gorilla groups below:-

The above gorilla groups are all available for trekking daily. Since 8 persons are allowed to track each gorilla family per day, it means there are 32 gorilla permits available with Uganda Wildlife Authority in this region. Same like with other sectors of Bwindi, 8 people are allowed to visit each gorilla family every day. Travelers are advised to book gorilla permits early enough so as not to miss on the wonderful lifetime experience. Knowing what to carry on a gorilla trekking trip is also important. Strong hiking shoes, long trousers, rain jackets, cameras, binoculars and others ease the trekking adventure.  A permit for trekking is at USD 700 for foreign nonresidents, USD 600 for foreign residents and Uganda Shillings 250,000 for East African residents. You need porters to help in carrying your bags plus all the necessary support you may need. Visitors always carry packed lunch since the duration in the jungle is unknown depending on the trekking situations.

Other Activities in Ruhija Sector

Batwa Pygmy Meetings

While in Ruhija, visit Batwa groups in the frontiers of the forest. Batwa are the original inhabitants of Bwindi forest but were ejected to the forest boundaries in 1991 when gorilla trekking was launched in the park. Meeting Batwa rewards you with a wide-ranging knowledge of their old-style jungle life, customs plus philosophies. Batwa elders will take you through the forest to exhibit their early woodland rehearses like hunting, harvesting honey as well as picking traditional herbal medicines. The Batwa also have traditional melodies and jazzes that they use in entertaining their guests.

Visiting Community Projects

When you go to Ruhija, pay a visit to the local based community projects. These are owned and managed by locals which you may also support in any possible way. There are various projects mainly handicrafts and bee farming which support the incomes of the populations. Such projects get funding from tourism, which is the major employer to the locals. Visitors to these projects are allowed participate in local activities which builds the confidence of the people in what they are doing. Tourism projects have greatly supported women, men and youth in getting a living for their lives. In these projects, the environment is given first priority for sustainable tourism.

Bird Watching

For the bird lovers, Ruhija Sector is the finest area for birding. The area a habitat for about 23 common bird species that include the starred robin, grey bush shrike, hornbills, yellow streaked greenbul, Dusky Crimsonwing, Turacos, yellow-eyed black flycatcher and many more. Ruhija is thus an acknowledged Important Bird Area (IBA) due to its global conservation significance. Carrying a binocular is a necessity for spotting birds from a distance. Usually proficient guides will help you see the various birds and describe their distinctive features and behaviors.

Forest Walks in Ruhija

A nature forest walk through noiseless calm dense forest is a unique experience. This stride is a paramount of discovering the whole jewel in the wooded area including cascades, fissures and rocks that beautify the area. On your walk, expect to meet animals and enjoy the fragrant noises of birds whistling up in the bushes.

Ruhija Safari Lodges

Trekkers to Ruhija should be assured of the safely calm and decent accommodation services at reasonable rates. The known lodges in Ruhija Sector include Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge, Bakiga Lodge, Gorilla Mist Camp, Ruhija Community Rest Camp, Trekkers Tavern lodge and Agandi lodge plus many more. Expect specialized chefs, attendants and housekeepers to attend to you throughout your stay. Once you book a gorilla permit, expect your safari organizer to arrange for you the best lodge services in Ruhija area.

A Favorable Weather

Ruhija weather has that cool stinging breeze that characterize the entire region exceptionally at night. The hilly terrain and the dense forests are the causes of the extremely conducive cold weather in Ruhija region. The forest fog is common in the morning, a condition ideal for observing. During nights, visitors are given warm water bottles to warm and curb the freezing coldness.

In a nutshell, the beauty and geographical splendor of Ruhija sector can only be enjoyed by the guests on gorilla safaris. So book you gorilla permit today and expect to enjoy the uniqueness of the Ruhija in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.